Williams, Simon: How to Win at Chess - Quickly!

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Varenummer: 9781857446319

Let's face facts: everyone enjoys winning.

And the only thing better than winning is to win quickly!

Opponents of all levels will make mistakes in the early part of the game. A key skill is to recognise these critical moments as they happen and to exploit the mistakes with maximum efficiency. Equally, it's essential to avoid making these same errors yourself.

In this book, Grandmaster Simon Williams presents 50 entertaining games, every one of which is decided in fewer than 25 moves. Williams examines all the typical mistakes chess players make in the opening and middlegame. He offers advice on how to punish them and provides valuable guidelines on how to avoid falling into similar traps yourself.

Every game supplies the reader with a simple and instructive lesson on how to improve your chess.

  • Enhance your opening and middlegame skills
  • Learn to identify, avoid and exploit errors
  • Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players
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