Vigorito, David: Challenging the Nimzo-Indian

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Varenummer: 9789197600552

The Nimzo-Indian is Black's most respected answer to 1.d4 and is immensely popular at all levels, from club championship to world championship. In fact, the reputation of the Nimzo is so high that some players prefer simply to avoid it and give up all hopes of an opening advantage. American International Master David Vigorito shows that this negative approach is unnecessary.

Challenging the Nimzo-Indian provides detailed coverage of White's most critical try, 4.Qc2. There is sufficient detail for the reader to build a dangerous repertoire with either colour. The chess is certainly at a high level, but Vigorito's logical approach and clear conclusions means that readers can easily grasp the concepts while less experienced players can play through the high-quality games which are comprehensively explained.

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