New In Chess Yearbook 072 (PB)

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Forum and Sosonko's Corner 010 King's Gambit, Declined 2...Bc5

011 Sicilian Defence, Najdorf Variation 7...Qb6

012 Budapest Gambit, 4.Bf4

014King's Pawn Opening, Four Knights Variation 4...Bd6

015 French Defence, Winawer Variation 3...Bb4

015 Sicilian Defence, Najdorf Variation 6.Bg5

016Grünfeld Indian Defence, The Mikenas Move 12.Nd5

016 Caro-Kann Defence, Advance Variation 3.e5

018 Sosonko's Corner

Surveys 024 Sicilian Defence, Dragon Variation 9.Bc4

031 Sicilian Defence, Dragon Variation 9.Bc4

041 Sicilian Defence, Accelerated Dragon 5.c4

047 Sicilian Defence, Hyper-Accelerated Dragon 2...g6

054 Sicilian Defence, Nimzowitsch Variation 2...Nf6

58 Pirc Defence, Austrian Attack 4.f4

063French Defence, Advance Variation 3.e5

069 French Defence, MacCutcheon Variation 4...Bb4

075 French Defence, Tarrasch Variation 4...Ne4

081 Caro-Kann Defence, Classical Variation 4...Bf5

084 Caro-Kann Defence, Classical Variation 4...Bf5

089 Alekhine Defence, Modern Variation 4...g6

096 Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation 4.Bc6

105 Ruy Lopez, Anti-Marshall Variation 8.h3

111 Two Knights Defence, Max Lange Attack 9...g6

114 King's Gambit, Classical Variation 3...g5

121 Various Openings, Benoni Hybrid Ne7

125 Queen's Gambit Declined, Tartakower Variation 7...b6

130 Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange Variation 3...Be7

137 Slav Defence, Chameleon Variation 5.c5

144Slav Defence, Marshall Gambit 4.e4

152Tarrasch Defence, Rubinstein Variation 6.g3

159 Catalan Opening, Bogo-Indian Variation 4...Bb4

166 Nimzo-Indian Defence, Classical Variation 4.Qc2

172 Nimzo-Indian Defence, Vienna Variation 6.Qa4

178 Grünfeld Indian Defence, Exchange Variation 7.Bc4

184 Grünfeld Indian Defence, Exchange Variation 6.Qb3

189King's Indian Defence, Classical Variation 7...Qe8

196 King's Indian Defence, Classical Variation 6...Nc6

202 Volga Gambit Declined, 4.Nf3

209 Dutch Defence, Leningrad Variation 7...Qe8

215 Dutch Defence, Bogoljobow's 2.Bg5

220 English Opening, Reversed Dragon Nb1-d2

226English Opening, Symmetrical Variation 5.a3

231Réti Opening, Double Fianchetto

Service 238 Book Reviews

243 Colophon

244 New In Chess Code System

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