New In Chess Yearbook 134 (PB)

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New In Chess Yearbook, which appears four times a year, contains the latest new in chess openings.

Each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess opening theory.

The Yearbook not only covers the latest fashions, but also offers fresh insights into underrated gambits, rare continuations, and almost forgotten weapons.

A big Forum Section this time with, of course, first the results of the Novelty of the Year contest. Who played the greatest novelty published in the 2019 Yearbooks? There is also a contribution by Robert Ris on his upset defeat of top player David Navara in the Four Knights Sicilian, Jeroen Bosch analyses his vintage Velimirovic Attack win over Jan Werle, and new contributor GM Francesco Rambaldi writes about more offbeat Najdorfs from the Tata Steel tournament. And much more!

Correspondence chess
Erwin l’Ami column again features a game by OTB GM Krishnan Sasikiran, who found a spectacular novelty in the Scotch Gambit. The Dutch GM also presents new material on the 7.d5 pawn sac in the Queen’s Indian, the Yugoslav Dragon, the Exchange Grünfeld with 7.Bc4, and the Slav with 4...Bf5.

Glenn Flear starts his column with a review of Fabiano Caruana’s 3-volume DVD on the Ruy Lopez for ChessBase. A slightly different medium from what he is used to, but he ‘found it fascinating listening to the World No. 2 explaining his way of thinking about the various options in the Spanish.’ Three repertoire books are compared this time: Kaufman’s New Repertoire for Black and White and Christoph Sielecki’s Keep It Simple 1.d4 from New In Chess, as well as the new edition of A Startling Chess Opening Repertoire by and Chris Baker and Graham Burgess. Finally, Priyadharshan Kannappan’s surprising new book The Modernized Berlin Wall Defense is held up against the light.

1.e4 openings
Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.Nb3 - Kuljasevic

Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.Rg1 - Fogarasi

Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.h3 - Zwirs

Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.h3 - Timman

Pirc Defence - Czech System 3...c6 - Vegh

French Defence - Winawer Variation 4...b6 - Szabo

French Defence - Tarrasch Variation 4...Qxd5 - Hungaski

Caro-Kann Defence - Two Knights Variation 3...Bg4 - Karolyi

Caro-Kann Defence - Classical Variation 4...Bf5 - Ponomariov

Petroff Defence - Steinitz Variation 3.d4 - Ris

Ruy Lopez - Anti-Marshall 8.a4 - Adams

1.d4 openings

Queen’s Gambit Declined - Blackburne Variation 5.Bf4 - Olthof

Queen’s Gambit Declined - Early Divergences 5...a6 - Rodi

Slav Defence - Botvinnik Variation 7.a4 - Sokolov

Catalan Opening - Bogo-Indian Variation 4...Bb4+ - Sokolov

Nimzo-Indian Defence - Classical Variation 5.Bd2 - Krykun

Nimzo-Indian Defence - Kmoch Variation 4.f3 - Ikonnikov

Grünfeld Indian Defence - Fianchetto Variation 5...Nc6 - Gupta

Grünfeld Indian Defence - Exchange Variation 7.Qa4+ - Gupta

Benoni Defence - Taimanov Attack 8.Bb5+ - Lalic

Old Indian Defence - Early Divergences 5...Qa5+ - Jankovic


English Opening - Reversed Sicilian 6...Bc5 - Hansen

English Opening - Reversed Sicilian 2.g3 - Vilela

English Opening - Symmetrical Variation 3...d5 - Hansen

English Opening - Flohr/Mikenas Variation 3.e4 - Panczyk/Ilczuk

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