New In Chess Yearbook 118 (PB)

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Varenummer: NEW118

In the 256 pages you will find answers to urgent questions such as:

  • What was Caruana’s new idea in the Spanish 6.d3 variation?

  • Who played the Novelty of the Year 2015?

  • How does Carlsen deal with the ultramodern 7 ... g5 in the Moscow Sicilian?

  • What are the latest trends in the 12.d3 Marshall?

  • How does Karjakin get an advantage in the Sicilian Four Knights?

  • Is Mamedyarov unbeatable in the Open Ruy Lopez?

  • How to create an early upset with white in the Richter-Rauzer?

  • Is Gonda’s 1..e6 and 2 ... b6 against the English Opening really playable?

  • Has Tomashevsky refuted the Cambridge Springs with his new attacking idea?

  • What to do against the 4.g3 Slav?

  • With which exotic move has the Armenian team enriched the Fianchetto Grünfeld?

  • How dangerous is Svidler’s Stonewall against the Grünfeld?

  • What’s new in the Modern Benko?

  • How did Carlsen turn the London System into a powerful weapon?

  • What was the novelty with which Giri beat Anand for the first time in his career?
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