Learning Chess - Workbook Step 5 extra

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Varenummer: LLWIJLCS05E

This workbook is a 4 language version and is now also available for the English market. The workbook now has 112 pages.
In the extra workbook there are 110 pages with exercises, which means 110x12=1320-49 (drawings)= 1271 positions. Additionally, there is one page with breakthrough patterns and a reminder with guidelines to solve the mixed pages.

First of all there are exercises with well known topics from Step 5 as well as some examples from the lower steps on a higher level.

  • Tactics: mate, double attack, elimination of the defence, the pin, discovered attack, trapping
  • Endgame: pawn endings, rook endings, queen endings, bishop endings, knight endings, pieces against pawns, bishop against rook, passed pawns, cooperation of various pairs of pieces
  • Defending: draws (stalemate, insufficient material, perpetual check), defending against mate / attacking the king / passed pawns /threats
  • Strategy: open file, strong square
  • Themes: attacking the king, the seventh rank
  • Problems: mate in two problems

The last 26 pages contain tests.

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