Learning Chess - Workbook Step 4 extra

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Varenummer: 9789491582004

In the extra workbook there are 55 pages with exercises, which means as many as 55x12=648-21 (drawings) = 629 positions.
The reminder with hints how to proceed with the mixed tests can be downloaded Step 4 extra

At the beginning come the exercises with the familiar items from Step 4:

  • Eliminating of the defence: interfering
  • Double attack: luring
  • Eliminating of the defence: blocking
  • Pin: luring front or back piece
  • Passed pawn
  • Double attack: eliminating the defence
  • The magnet
  • Double attack: chasing and targeting
  • Attacking the castled king
  • Seventh rank
  • Double attack: clearing

In addition some topics from a lower step, but more difficult.

The last 11 pages contain tests. On the reminder are the guidelines for solving the problems without naming the topics.

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