Learning Chess - Workbook Step 2 extra

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Varenummer: 9789491582233

In the extra workbook there are 55 pages with exercises, which means as many as 55x12=648-20 (drawings) = 628 positions.
At the beginning come the exercises with the familiar items from Step 2 and some from Step 1 on a higher level:

  • Getting out of check
  • Mate in one
  • Double attack: queen
  • The pin
  • Eliminating of the defence: chasing away/luring away/capturing + material
  • Mate in two: different mating patterns
  • Double attack: RBNKp
  • Double attack: cooperation of two pieces
  • Discovered attack
  • Defending against mate
  • Intermediate move

The last 10 pages are mixed tasks without a theme indication. That means that there is no hint as to the theme of the exercise, with the result that they are more like a real game. Less mixed exercises than in the previous edition but with the appearance of the mix book this is not much of an issue.
Solving exercises of this sort is difficult for everybody at any level.

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