Learning Chess - Workbook Step 1 mix

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Varenummer: 9789491582196

In the mix workbook are 61 pages with exercises, which means as many as 61x12=732-9 (drawings e.o) = 723 puzzles.

The theme's are known from Step 1 and Step 1 plus. A workbook containing exercises with one ‘simple’ assignment: play the best move. Just like in a real game, you do not know whether you can win or whether you have to defend. First, look at what’s going on? Can you give mate? Is winning material possible? Is there a piece in danger? In short, all kinds of stuff.

Two kinds of puzzles are different: on each page you will find a multiple choice question and a position with a line below the diagram. Only on the last 8 pages there is an indication of the theme: 2 pages with mate and 2 pages with defending. Why an indication of the theme? The puzzles are really a challenge.

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