Lane, Gary: Ideas Behind Modern Chess Openings

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Varenummer: 9780713487121

A repertoire of easy-to-learn openings based on Garry Kasparov's favourite move 1.d4, which is a good way to play and win.

There's no need to spend hours worrying about the latest moves because all these openings are sound lines with a modern twist that make them ideal low-maintenance weapons. Each opening, including the London System and the Barry Attack, have simple principles that allow White to play just about the same moves against the Grunfeld, King's Indian Defence, and Nimzo-Indian Defence. There are also modern systems to repel the Dutch, Benoni and even off-beat lines such as the Englund Gambit.

A sensible approach to learning the basics of the opening without having to memorize countless variations, particularly useful for club players, the book covers:

  • the tricks and traps in the opening for both sides

  • the basic plan and strategy using entertaining games

  • how to play the middlegame by following easy plans
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