Lakdawala, Cyrus: The Trompowsky Attack

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The Trompowsky Attack: Move by Move.
In this book, International Master Cyrus Lakdawala examines the Trompowsky Attack. Originally a favourite among club players, in recent years the Trompowsky has been transformed into a powerful weapon even at grandmaster level. It particularly appeals to bold, ambitious players and leads to positions which are rich in possibilities for both sides. Using illustrative games and drawing on his own experience with the opening, Lakdawala provides a repertoire for White, covers the main positional and tactical ideas for both sides, provides answers to all the key questions and tells you everything you need to know about successfully playing the Trompowsky Attack. Essential guidance and training in the Trompowsky Attack Also covers the Pseudo-Trompowsky 1 d4 d5 2 Bg5 Utilizes an ideal approach to chess study.


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