Lakdawala, Cyrus: The French Defence (PB)

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The French Defence provides a good choice for players who want to create a dynamic, unbalanced situation out of the opening but baulk at the level of study required to master the ferociously complex Sicilian Defence. The French is one of Black’s soundest defences to 1 e4 and is very popular at all levels. White often advances with the space-gaining e4-e5 which, in principle, will generate a small advantage. However, when this structure arises there are no clear points to attack in the black camp and Black has ready-made plans in the form of ...c7-c5 and ...f7-f6, moves that seek to undermine the white centre.

In this book, renowned author Cyrus Lakdawala creates a repertoire for Black and navigates through the main lines of the French, providing the reader with well-researched, fresh and innovative analysis. Each annotated game has valuable lessons on how to play the opening, and contains instructive commentary on typical middle-game plans. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn.

  • Presents a complete French Defence repertoire for Black

  • Thorough explanations of typical pawn structures

  • Utilizes an ideal approach to chess study

003 About the Authors

005 Bibliography

007 Introduction

015 1. The Anti-Winawers

058 2. The Main Line Winawer: 4 e5

144 3. The Tarrasch

194 4. The Advance Variation

250 5. The King’s Indian Attack and 2 Qe2

278 6. The Exchange Variation

326 7. The Two Knights Variation

338 8. Second Move Alternatives

358 Index of Variations

364 Index of Complete Games

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