Gelfand, Boris: Decision Making in Major Piece Endings (PB) (HB)

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In Decision Making in Major Piece Endings former World Championship Challenger Boris Gelfand discusses his path to decision making in endgames involving rooks or queens, as well as the often neglected “4th Phase.” Countless games are decided by good or bad technique in such endgames, so readers are certain to benefit from the insights of a world-class Grandmaster on this vital topic.

Grandmaster Boris Gelfand has been an elite player for over 30 years, winning the World Cup, Olympiad Gold, the Candidates and many other top tournaments.

004 Key to symbols used & Bibliography

005 Publisher’s Foreword

007 Introduction

019 1) The Importance of Analysis

047 2) Do Not Hurry

065 3) Three Surprisingly Complicated Rook Endings

093 4) Two Defensive Methods in Rook Endings

121 5) From the Simple to the Complex

143 6) Diving to the Bottom of the Sea

163 7) Mamedyarov

181 8) Grischuk

211 9) Queen Endings with a g- or h-pawn

231 10) Multiple Queens

243 11) Full Circle

255 12) Conversion in the 4th Phase

273 13) The Fruits of Hard Work

291 14) 12 Rook Exercises

315 Name Index

317 Game Index

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