Europe Chess Champion, Millennium

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The chess and game computer for beginners and on the go. With practical piece compartment for travelling.

You are not sure if chess is the right thing for you and your family? With the Europe Chess Champion you get an inexpensive chess computer with which you can also play other classics like checkers, halma and reversi. Here is the right thing for the whole family! The chess program offers all players a fair chance to win.

His compact case and the practical piece compartment make it the ideal companion on travels. The high-quality MILLENNIUM pieces are equipped with powerful magnets. So the pieces always stay in the right place even in the car, in the train or on the beach.

  • The large LCD display shows the entire surface and offers numerous help tips, control functions and tutorial programs

  • Sophisticated, high-level chess program with extensive opening archive; features castling, pawn promotion, en-passant moves and more

  • Interactive chess training with 100 pre-programmed practice positions - can you solve the problem?

  • Select between 13 languages (DE, GB, FR, IT, ES, NL, PT, SE, FI, CZ, SK, PL, GR) for menus and help functions

  • Each game can be played through at several different difficulty levels

  • Position verification, position set-up and move-cancelling functions available

  • Quick-response sensor board for easy and comfortable use

  • Saves last game position (before switched off) to enable game to be continued after interruption

  • Requires 3 "AA"-Type batteries (included)

Please note that this product is not a toy as defined by Directive 2009/481EC. If you let your children use this appliance, they must be properly instructed in its use; ensure also that the appliance is only used for its intended purpose.

Keep packaging for future reference as it contains important information.

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