Cohen, Or: A Vigorous Chess Opening Repertoire for Black (PB)

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In amateur chess games, the most popular opening move for White is 1.e4, and the most reliable replys for Black is 1.e5, says Fide Master Or Cohen.

In this book, Cohen has created a vibrant and robust opening repertoire for Black after 1…e5, based on the Petroff Defence. Cohen presents inventive ways for Black to fight for the initiative in this dependable opening. He covers the entire spectrum, the main variations as well as the most unexpected and bizarre sidelines.
In case White does not allow the Petroff, Cohen offers a set of recommendations for Black that is no less important and principled; his repertoire against the Vienna and the King’s Gambit, for example, is new and explosive.

Most amateur White players faced with the Petroff will think that they will have an easy time, based on the peaceful reputation of this great opening among top grandmasters. Black players who have studied Or Cohen’s book will make their life quite miserable.

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