Bezgodov: The Liberated Bishops Defence (PB)

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In many 1.d4 openings, Black has trouble getting his bishop on c8 into play. Former Russian Chess Champion Alexey Bezgodov presents a radical solution to this nagging problem: liberate your bishop right away and put it on f5 on the second move!

Playing 2 ... Bf5! against either 2.c4 or 2.Nf3 will surprise your opponent and is also a great way to support your development, because the bishop takes control of the important square e4. If White does not immediately take decisive action, then within a move or two he can relinquish any hopes on an opening advantage.

Alexey Bezgodov has studied and played this chess opening system for a long time. He has found some great antidotes to White’s most dangerous reactions in sharp and attractive lines. To test your understanding of his system he has included more than 100 exercises.

After studying the fresh ideas and the clear explanations presented in The Liberated Bishop Defence every chess player will enjoy the flexibility of a surprising, effective and universal weapon against 1.d4.

006 Explanation of Symbols

007 Introduction

009 Chapter 1: The Bishop on c1 is Shut in

031 Chapter 2: The Bishop on c1 Seeks Exchanges

050 Chapter 3: Copying the Catalan

069 Chapter 4: The Fight for b7: 4.Qb3 Nc6

108 Chapter 5: The Undeservedly Popular 4...c6

124 Chapter 6: A Rare Guest: 4...Bb4

152 Chapter 7: The Solid 4...Nc6

170 Chapter 8: The Modern Main Line: 4...Nf6

195 Chapter 9: White Plays without 4.Nf3

210 Chapter 10: Conflagration in the Centre

233 Chapter 11: The Vanishing Bishop Opening

277 Solutions

307 Appendix

307 A Word about 7...Be7

315 In Fond Memory of David Bronstein

319 Afterword

320 Bibliography

321 Index of Variations

326 Index of Players

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