Balogh: Tactics, Tactics, Tactics! Volume 3 (PB)

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Csaba Balogh was born on 19th of March 1987. His best rating is 2672. Grandmaster since 2004. European Individual U-16 Champion in 2003, Budva. Member of the Hungarian National Team since 2005. Best tournament result: Olympic silver medalist in 2014, Tromso.

The book constist 551 practical puzzles from the January of 2013 to the July of 2015. The book is selected into 6 groups, "Winning material" , "Mate" , "Draw~ "Silent~ "Simplification~ At the end of the book you can check your tactical skills in a test format, where the puzzles are mixed from the previous chapters. Great combinations by Carlsen, Caruana, Anand, Topalov end many more Top players.

Etienne Bacrot: "I have many times solved puzzles from the first two editions and I'm happy that the serie continues. As my son enjoyed many puzzles as weil, I can only recommend to anyone solving the recent tactics selected by Csaba from Club players to Professionnals"

005 Key to symbols

007 Editorial Preface

009 Introduction

011 Winning material

035 Solutions to Winning material

047 Mate!

075 Solutions to Mate!

089 Find the draw

097 Solutions to Find the draw

101 Silent moves

109 Solutions to Silent moves

113 Simplifications

151 Solutions to Simplifications

169 Tests

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