Avni, Amatzia: Devious Chess

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Master chess psychologist Amatzia Avni outlines a new approach to playing chess - be tricksy about your game, bend the rules where possible and always come out on top! Players of all abilities are urged, step-by-step, to unlearn everything they've learned so far and adopt a fearless attitude to the game. Every tip for bending the rules is included here with comprehensive illustrated games. This essential guide covers:

  • The Nature of Tricky Chess: Virgin land
  • Raising the tension to boiling point
  • Coffeehouse chess
  • Not so elementary, my dear Watson
  • Peculiar moves
  • Principled Issues of 'Tricky Chess': Twists and turns
  • The trap vs blunder dilemma
  • Methods of conducting 'tricky chess'
  • Illustrative Games
  • Assesment and Implementation: Evaluation of tricksy chess
  • Transforming into a 'tricky chess' player

- Bending the rules makes chess more fun and enhances the skills and imagination of all players

- Expert guidance from a highly respected chess psychologist and Master

- Accessible information and illustrative games for players of all abilities

- A strategy/tactics book ideal for club players

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