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Shipov: The Complete Hedgehog Vol 1 (MON)

179,00 DKK Inkl. moms
Are chess books getting better? Take the first volume of The Complete Hedgehog by Sergey Shipov: although I’ve read many books on the Hedgehog system, I think this is the best one by far. It’s more accessible, better explained, better written, it’s much more interesting for readers who do not play the Hedgehog at all, and it’s funny on top of that. Now, did they make such chess books in the 50s and 60s or even the 70s and 80s? I, for one, haven’t seen them too often. If chess books in general are really improving over time, it would be another example of the incorrectness of the widely held opinion that everything becomes worse and worse over time. (Here’s a very interesting essay on the decline of violence over time.) One of the explanations for this in the world of chess books is, of course, that there are simply more chess authors around. Another reason is that chess education has improved a lot. Yet another is that it’s much more important to write in an appealing, accessible style because of the arrival of new media such as chess videos and online lectures. I guess all are valid, and I think we should be glad that we’re living in such interesting times. These days, it’s possible to be extremely enthousiastic about a chess book almost every month. The Hedgehog is surely one of the most difficult and fascination opening systems around, confusing and often frustrating thousands of chess fans around the world, not only club players but also strong masters. Still, grandmaster Sergey Shipov, editor-in-chief of the well-known Russian website www.crestbook.com shows that such ignorance can actually become a force and a source of joy once you’re willing to embrace the principles of the Hedgehog with full conviction. The Complete Hedgehog, published by Mongoose Press, is one of those rare chess books that are both enthusiastic and completely honest


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