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Shirov: My best games in the Sicilian (DVD)

229,00 DKK Inkl. moms
Since 1992, Alexei Shirov has belonged to the best players in the world. In a very short period of time he established himself as one of the absolute top guns, reaching rank four in the FIDE rankings and a rating of 2751 Elo. Many of his most brilliant games are characterised by his famous uncompromising attacking play, often leading to a finish that comes as a surprise – not only to the opponent, but also the spectators. Shirov presents and explains his best games in a series of training DVDs in the Chess Media System. On this DVD, Shirov focuses on his most outstanding achievements in the Sicilian (except the Najdorf, which is dealt with on a separate DVD), a personal selection combining highest chess quality with aesthetic pleasure. His lectures are designed to not only explain the different opening lines, but also to present interesting and sometimes perplexing ideas and sacrifices in the middlegame. On this training DVD, with a total playing time of nearly four hours, you will find Shirov games against Anand, Kramnik, Leko and other top players. Contents: Intro & Kan Variation (40:33) Taimanov Variation (34:51) Paulsen System (30:03) Sveshnikov Variation (23:10) Rossolimo Variation 1 (31:04) Rossolimo Variation 2 (30:48) Richter-Rauzer Attack 1 (16:38) Richter-Rauzer Attack 2 (23:19)

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