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Nigel Davies: Play the Catalan (EVE)

159,00 DKK Inkl. moms

Everyman, 2009   192 sider
Af Nigel Davies

The Catalan is a sophisticated opening system which is popular at all levels of chess, and is an excellent choice for players who are keen to improve their overall understanding of the game. In recent years it has been catapulted into the limelight by the former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, who has revitalized it with many new ideas. He has utilized the Catalan with enormous success against the world's strongest players - on occasion making it look like a forced win for White!

In this book, Grandmaster Nigel Davies presents a major study of this important opening. Using illustrative games and drawing upon his wealth of personal experience with the Catalan, Davies provides a reliable and dynamic repertoire for White, covers the main plans for both sides, and tackles crucial modern day issues such as move orders.

  • Grandmaster analysis of a world-class opening
  • Provides coverage of all the main lines
  • Highlights essential tactical and positional ideas

Nigel Davies is a Grandmaster, a winner of numerous international tournaments and a former British Rapidplay Champion. He's a renowned coaching expert and is the author of many successful books. Previous works for Everyman Chess include his Gambiteer series and the highly acclaimed Play 1 e4 e5!.



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