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Peter Lali´c: Play the Accelerated Dragon (EVE)

159,00 DKK Inkl. moms

Everymann Chess, 2014.   176 sider
Af Peter Lalic

The Accelerated Dragon remains one of Black’s most popular choices in the Sicilian, and the attractions are obvious. Black’s opening strategy is easy to understand, and his pieces are quickly developed on active squares.

Furthermore, White players hoping to attack in the same way as against the traditional Dragon will be shocked by the Accelerated Dragon’s greater flexibility and possibilities for a swift counterattack.

In this book, Peter Lalic presents a repertoire for Black based on this line. He outlines a reliable system of development with the aim of choosing clear, consistent plans. Firstly, he demonstrates why the Accelerated Dragon exponent need not fear the Yugoslav Attack.

Secondly, if White chooses instead the positional Maroczy Bind approach he emphasizes that positional understanding is far more important than memorization of move sequences. He studies the thematic middlegame and endgame positions which may arise and answers all the frequently asked questions.

This book tells you everything you need to know to play the Accelerated Dragon with confidence.

• An Accelerated Dragon repertoire
• Packed with new ideas and critical analysis
• Contains advice on Anti-Sicilian lines

Peter Lalic is an England junior international and a professional chess coach. He’s the youngest ever regular contributor to CHESS Magazine and has produced more than 600 video lectures on his YouTube channel, attracting more than a thousand subscribers and half a million views. He’s the son of Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic and Women’s Grandmaster Susan Lalic.

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